Julia Gillard vs Tony Abbott in Celebrity Deathmatch.

Would anybody like to see a video of the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, giving Tony Abbott a serve about his disgraceful misogyny in Parliament today?

Oh you do? That’s what I thought.

You’re welcome.

Transcript behind the fold.

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Occupy Melbourne Interviews – Jacob Grech (Trades Hall Caretaker)

My friend Kenji shot this video with Jacob Grech, the caretaker of Trades Hall in Melbourne.
It’s a really beautiful video and a great advertisement for Occupy Melbourne.

(Source: youtube.com)

Occupy Melbourne Mic Checks The Mayor


Occupy Melbourne Mic Checks The Mayor (by seanbedlam)

This is amazing. My beautiful, powerful, brave brothers and sisters ❤

Live Export Shame

We will fight for bovine freedom, and hold our large heads high. We will run free with the buffalo, or die. Cows with guns!

Go here: Ban Live Export

Sign the petition. Watch the video there if you wish, but be warned, it is VERY distressing and shows graphic footage of animal cruelty.