Currently slut-shaming

Girls, have a great time, you know, dress how you want, just be really really careful and know the risks that you may take.
Australia’s Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson, on A Current Affair tonight. What risks are you talking about here, Charlotte? I don’t think you’re worried that one of these girls might fall down and skin her knee. Did you know that wearing clothing isn’t an inherently risky action? One does not invite danger by getting dressed to leave the house.

If you’re implying that “loose, slutty dressing” leaves girls at risk of sexual assault and rape, you’re dead fucking wrong. Rapists leave girls at risk of sexual assault and rape. And rapists don’t care what you wear. They care about power. (Trigger warning at this link for remorseless accounts of sexual assault.) Victim blaming and slut shaming is SO NOT COOL, Channel Nine.