About Me

Fat and Sassy. Does what it says on the box!

I’m Erin White. I am 29 years old, and I have lots of opinions. So many, that they spill out of my mouth and all over the internet. And now you’re reading them. So that’s quite cool.

I’m a feminist, an environmental and social justice activist, and a radical street medic. I love my friends, drink too much alcohol and enjoy busting enthusiastic moves in questionable dive bars.

I recently moved over here from Tumblr and still maintain a presence there, but I have decided to use that space for more fun, lighthearted stuff, like cat gifs. Even the most opinionated feminists need cat gifs! I hope that this can grow to be a robust space for feminist, progressive and leftist-oriented discussion about politics, sexuality, gender, body image, fashion, popular culture and everything else.

Wanna tell me your opinions?
Email: blogfatandsassy@gmail.com
Twitter: @AGirlCalledKill
Tumblr: fat-and-sassy.tumblr.com


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