Clarification and Apology

In my post below, I said the following:

“Certainly, there are some cases where a person who has a mental illness might become temporarily unable to advocate for themselves, such as if a person is in the midst of an extreme psychotic episode or suffering from active suicidal ideation”

It has been pointed out to me that there are many people who suffer with suicidal ideation who are capable of advocating for themselves, so I would like to clarify that when I was referring to how a person suffering with active suicidal ideation may become temporarily unable to advocate for themselves, I was referring to how a person may be subject to an involuntary treatment order, thereby temporarily removing their choice about whether or not to receive psychiatric treatment.

It was never my intention to suggest that people suffering with suicidal ideation are unable to make their own decisions, but somehow I managed to, and I apologise unreservedly for it.


1 thought on “Clarification and Apology

  1. You were right the first time. If a patient is experiencing “active” suicidal ideation it means they are in crisis and are at high risk of self harm. As such, the patient is unwell to the point of acting against the biological imperative of survival. They are by definition unable to effectively self-advocate. Being distressed and being psychotic, however, differ in that the latter is characterised by an absence of rationality. Perhaps that’s where the confusion arose. Distress which leads to self harm is not the same as being in a state of mind where one is unable to make logical choices for oneself. But, being able to make logical choices does not equate ability to effectively self advocate – especially since the idea of self harm can be seen as quite reasonable to a patient who is self harming to cope, for example.

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