Leisel Jones Is Fat

Leisel Jones in in London for her 4th Olympic Games, the first Australian swimmer to achieve such a feat. She has won eight medals on the Olympic stage since her first Games at the age of 14, in Sydney. She has set world records in the 100 and 200m breaststroke on numerous occasions, in some cases breaking the record that she herself had set. She is, by all measures, one of Australia’s finest athletes.

And she’s fat.

Oh god, stop the presses. A 26 year old woman has hips and a belly.

A grubby piece of reporting at the above link, complete with a gallery of photographs of Liesel bending over, sitting cross-legged on the floor, standing next to Kenrick Monk and Stephanie Rice, and doing her stretches. Thrown in for good measure are some photographs of her modelling a completely different swimsuit in 2008, which we can look at and compare the slim, svelte Liesel of then, to the huge heifer of today. If you wish, you may also compare Leisel to Kenrick Monk and Stephanie Rice, because don’t you know all swimmers are meant to have THE SAME BODY?? Oh you didn’t? Maybe you haven’t been reading Fairfax news today.

A great big steaming FUCK YOU to the mainstream media.

Leisel Jones is an athlete, and a damn good one at that. She’s also a 26 year old woman, and has, from what I can tell, a perfectly normal body for a 26 year old female athlete. She’s not the tiny little 14 year old that she was 12 years ago in Sydney, and nobody should expect her to be. This sort of grubby reporting is what’s responsible for the self esteem and body image issues that young women have. Are you TRYING to incite eating disorders, Fairfax?

“Some feel that Jones is not in the best shape and is treating London as a farewell tour, not taking it as seriously as she had the previous three Games, where she won a total of eight medals.”

“Some feel?” Who are these “some”? Or are you just making things up as you go along, Fairfax? It’s not enough to take a low swipe at a successful athlete, you have to muddy it even further with ugly speculation and hearsay?

Her coach says:

‘She’s a different sort of athlete. She’s not a 14 or 15-year-old girl who is doing 10 really hard sessions a week. She’s probably at the end of her swimming career. She’s been doing nine sessions a week, and two gym sessions a week coming into this, and we were really happy with her from coming off Santa Clara [in California, where she swam faster than she did at Olympic trials].”

The lady GOT INTO THE OLYMPICS. They don’t just let you in because you’ve been to lots of other Olympics. You have to qualify, which means you have to meet a certain benchmark. If Leisel’s body shape truly impacted on her ability to swim, she’d not be at her fourth Olympic Games.

Leisel says:

“The fourth Olympics was more important to me than medal tallies…The fourth Olympics was the one that was unique and was mine and that was more important to me, because that showed longevity, and longevity and integrity are probably two things that are more important to me…I’m just proud I’m here because this has been probably the toughest journey, the last four years.”

Integrity. Something that Leisel Jones has in spades and that the mainstream media seems to be SORELY lacking these days.

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