Mic Check! Mic Check!


Mic Check @ Melbourne GPO on 10.12.11 International Human Rights Day & Tent Monster March.

Erin speaks to bring an end to Rape culture!

Mic check! Mic check!
My name is Erin.
I’m from First Aid and Care.
I want to talk to you today about institutionalised misogyny and rape culture.
What happened to our sister Sara didn’t happen in a vacuum.
It is symptomatic of the sexism enshrined in our police, military and government.
It is symptomatic of the rape culture.
Rape culture is a culture in which violence against women is normalised, excused and tolerated, by media, attitudes and societal norms.
Rape culture hurts everyone.
It positions men as violent, insatiable creatures, existing only to pursue their basest desires.
And it positions women as prizes to be won.
It forgets entirely about our gay, lesbian, trans and queer friends.
We reject the rape culture.
And we can end it by calling out sexist jokes,
by complaining about advertising that diminishes women and men,
and by always approaching our fellow human beings with love, compassion and understanding.
And through this understanding, we can all find freedom.

Here is the video of my mic check on Human Rights Day, December 10, 2011.


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