This is what happened in Melbourne on October 21, 2011

Daniel, our “Detective of Perspective”. I hope he is OK. Click through for Herald Sun photogallery

The Age photogallery

Twitter photos from American comedian and Citizen Radio host Jamie Kilstein, who spent the morning at the Occupation after his show on Thursday night

The Age’s coverage of what happened

Herald Sun’s coverage of what happened

Blogger Mike Stuchbery’s account of what happened

Press Releases from Occupy Melbourne. These cover the legal aspect, as well as the story of Koby James, an Aboriginal man who ended up in hospital due to police heavyhandedness.

I missed all of this I was at school. I followed it all via @JamieKilstein on Twitter while in class. I am heartsick over all of it. In Sydney currently and have just visited Occupy Sydney and had a chat with some nice people there about what happened to us yesterday. They have expressed sorrow and solidarity with us, and it feels really good to know that this is a uniting event. My god, they sent in the riot police. the RIOT POLICE. For unarmed protesters. I watched all those videos this morning after my bus ride and I just wanted to cry. I have only known these people for a week, but I love them so, so much. I have no idea who is arrested and who wasn’t.

The group reconvened last evening at Trades Hall and again this morning at Federation Square, then marched through the city to Trades Hall and back again to the Treasury Gardens. We Occupy Treasury Gardens from Saturday next week, and have General Assemblies from Tuesday at the State Library. I can’t wait to meet my First Aid people again. Love to all of them.

Melbourne, we are stronger than they think we are. I hope this is our galvanising moment.


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