The Scavenger: You are involved in productions that steer away from ‘vanilla sex.’ Why is it important to you, to show things like urination, menstrual blood, body hair, fisting, BDSM and ejaculation in your work?

Jiz Lee: Because these things are a part of sex! These things (and other taboo subjects) are a part of the sex we have, and are valid desires and physical sexual responses. When something like female ejaculation is censored, the statement made is that it is shameful, obscene – or worse: that it doesn’t even exist… The more that female ejaculation, fisting, menstrual blood, hair, and other natural things happen in porn, the more people who love these things can feel secure in their pleasure or appearance. I especially value kink being portrayed in pornography where it promotes communication and consent. Pornography can be dark, titillating, challenging, and educating. As a powerful medium, porn can be a very empowering tool.

Genderqueer feminist porn star Jiz Lee interviewed by The Scavenger (viasexisnottheenemy)

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