More Slutwalk sensationalism at The Age

Expect no good from Slutwalk.

Seriously, people. Let’s just get one thing straight. Calling the event “SlutWalk” has little to do with what you’re expected to wear, look like or how much and varied sex you have. It’s to do with the fact that an ignorant Toronto policeman re-inforced the notion that only girls in skimpy clothes get raped, and that it’s somehow their fault.

Truth is, women have been raped whilst they’ve been wearing short skirts and low cut tops. They’ve been raped whilst wearing jeans and turtleneck sweaters. They’ve been raped whilst covered head to toe in burqa. By saying “women wouldn’t get assaulted if they didn’t dress like sluts”, that policeman ignored the plain and simple fact that IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT YOU’RE WEARING.

That is why we are all sluts. Yes, you in the skimpy dress, yes, you in the jeans and turtleneck, and you in the burqa, too. Our clothing is merely a barrier to a rapist, not an enticement.

And that is why I am SlutWalking on Saturday. Because what I wear makes no difference, and it’s time that the public, the police, the politicians and everyone else sees that there is no difference between me in a short skirt, and Nada in a full burqa, when a man decides to disregard the word “No”.


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