Misogyny Monday: Mark Latham

“To choose a career ahead of the opportunity of having children? I think having children is the great loving experience of any lifetime and by definition, you haven’t got as much love in your life if you make that particular choice,”

– Mark Latham on Julia Gillard, April 4th 2011

Yep, that JUST happened. This morning, speaking to Fran Kelly on ABC’s Radio National, Mark Latham renewed his attack on PM Julia Gillard’s personal life and character. He questioned her ability to empathise and experience true lovebecause she doesn’t have children.

Mark, 1952 called, it wants is misogyny back.

He’s clearly STILL butthurt that he never got to be the Prime Minister and instead of putting on his big boy pants and getting over it, he’s decided that the best way to make himself feel better about it is suggest that that the woman who achieved that feat (and by expansion, all women who have chosen not to have kids) can’t know true love because she has chosen not to reproduce.

I shouldn’t be in the least bit surprised that this is coming from Mark Latham because this is exactly the sort of old-fashioned, patriarchal, “woman in her place” bullshit that he’s known for. But you know what? I AM surprised. I’m not surprised he thinks that – because I bet there are millions of other people who think that too. What I am surprised about is that he actually said it. Most people who are this misogynistic – at least in Australia – have the good sense to keep their bigoted mouths shut.

But I am glad he said it, because we can now all see him for the slimy worm he is.

Meantime, I’ll be busy not experiencing true love with my two boyfriends, two cats and wonderful friends.


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