Casa Boy: Another Horse Lost to Jumps Racing

Casa Boy was a jumps racing horse. Today, on the second day of the Victorian Jumps Racing season, Casa Boy fell and shattered his offside shoulder(warning: photos in this link are distressing, view with caution), and was destroyed on the track. Today’s race meeting at Warrnambool was the official launch of the jumps racing season.

The recent history of jumps racing in Victoria has been fraught with controversy. In 2009, after a particulary tragic season for jumping horses, Racing Victoria voted to abolish jumps racing from the end of season 2010.

At the end of the 2010 season, however, Racing Victoria changed their minds, and decided to allow jumps racing to continue for another three seasons, providing there were not more than three horse deaths per season.

Casa Boy died today in an accident that another horse mercifully survived. The future of jumps racing will be reviewed at the end of next season – during which the deaths of five more horses will do NOTHING to change the outcome of said review.

Jumps Racing Association President Rodney Rae today said: “For as long as jumps racing has been around, there have been fatalities.”

This is disgusting excuse-making and seems to me to be reason enough to end this so-called sport TODAY. It has no place in a civilized society.


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