Stephen Colbert lays it out

This is a great idea, because everybody’s knows that abortions are a classic impulse buy — one of those things you toss into the cart at checkout, like Us Weekly or Sugar Babies! …That’s why I am giving a well-deserved tip of my hat to South Dakota. Now let’s be clear, folks: this abortion law (requiring a three-day waiting period to get an abortion) is not limiting a woman’s rights. As South Dakota Dennis Daugaard said, ‘I hope that women who are considering abortion will use this three-day period to make good choices.’ See? He’s clearly pro-choice, in that he sometimes uses the word ‘choice.’


Now personally, I think any procedure a doctor performs should have a three-day waiting period — unless that procedure is to save the life of a handgun, because in South Dakota, there is no waiting period for guns of any kind! South Dakota backs a woman’s right to choose — as long as it’s between a .45 and a semi-automatic.

– STEPHEN COLBERT, on South Dakota’s Neanderthal laws restricting abortion, on The Colbert Report (via inothernews)


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