Wednesday Happiness List

I’m sick. Like honest to god, blocked nose, phlegmy cough sick, and it’s making me angry. So I thought I’d make a list of all the things that have made me happy in the last seven days in an attempt to cheer myself up. Who knows – perhaps I’ll even do it every Wednesday and it can be my weekly love-in.

So, here is a list of seven things that have made me happy in the last seven days, in the order they happened:

1. St Patrick’s Day. 
Definitely the most chaotic St Patrick’s Day I have ever had. It was a glorious Thursday evening which began with Mark saying “We’ll go and have one pint each”, progressed to dancing with Eoife from Dublin and her boyfriend. I then went to a different pub a few suburbs across with some other friends, and ended the festivities waking up the following morning with a sprained ankle, carpet burns on my knees and a peak-hour Walk of Shame. But it was fun, and I had a great time!

2. My job
I haven’t been since I took two weeks of annual leave at the end of January, because I just wasn’t getting rostered on. Friday night, I finally got to go back to work. I was tired, my ankle hurt and I was hungover but I didn’t care because I actually really love my job, and the girls I work with. It was nice to be back.

3. My Darling Mark
We woke late on Saturday morning and lounged around in bed and chatted. We talked about immunology and auto-immune diseases and he decided to go back to university next year to finish studying Biomedicine, and then to get his Medical Doctorate. I’m so proud to say he’s mine. I love him in ways I just can’t express, and I can’t wait to find out what the next ten years are going to be like for us.

4. Second Boyfriend
My other boyfriend lives in Sydney. He was visiting this weekend and on Sunday we spent the night in a hotel in town, ate Japanese food at a swanky restaurant, drank at a hilarious bar in the Casino and messed up a very big, soft bed in the hotel. He has the loveliest lips and the softest skin of any boy I have ever encountered. Every moment with him is like Fantasy Camp.

5. Being mistaken for a 21 year old.
At school on Monday morning, one of the teenage girls in my class asked me how my St Patrick’s Day ended up being (as I had talked about how keen I was for a beer that day), and I told her about it, and then mentioned that I was getting too old for benders like that. She said “You are not. How old are you?” And I said I was 27. She and all the other girls nearby said to me “No way, you’re 21!” It took showing them my proof of age card to prove that I was, in fact, born ten years before them.

6. Earl Grey Tea
It is delicious, and on Tuesday when I was feeling sick, snotty and generally unpleasant, a warm, comforting cup of Earl Grey tea made me feel much better. And it smells SO nice, as well!

7. Home-grown tomato and cheese on Sao crackers.
I have a tomato plant in my back yard and this afternoon I had four Sao crackers with cheese and sliced tomato on them. My home grown tomatoes kick the ass of store bought tomatoes – they are sweet, and juicy, and tart, and just absolutely lovely. I love growing tomatoes.


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