“Fat girls are easy”

“I bet she’d give a good blow job, fat girls have to work harder”

“Try picking her up mate, she’d just be grateful for the attention”

“Fat girls are better in bed because they have to compensate for being fat”

“Fat girls are easy”

Myths about fat girls and sex abound. We’re bombarded by messages that fat girls don’t like sex, that they only do it because they’re grateful for the attention, that they’re better at blow jobs because they’re always hungry, that they’re up for anything because they don’t have the looks or self-esteem to keep a partner interested and have to work harder at the physical.

I think the myth I find most baffling is the fat girl = better blow jobs myth. Fat girls and slim girls are equally as likely to be skilled or not skilled at various sexual activities. And the reasons given for this myth are just as odd: “she has to work harder”, “she’s always hungry”. This sort of leads into the “low self-esteem” myth – that we have to compensate for our disgusting fatness by being really good at blow jobs. Please. I am good at giving head because I work at it and I enjoy pleasuring my partner – I do it because I like it, not because I want him to like me.

Then there’s that whole bit about how fat girls are just glad for the attention. Really? So you actually think you’ve got a better chance of picking a fat girl because you think she hates herself enough to go home with you? What does that say about your self-image? This myth does NOBODY any favours at all.

Also, while that may be true for SOME of the population, it’s not limited just to fat girls. There are plenty of skinny girls out there with terrible self-esteem who are just glad of the attention too. In fact, in my experience I know more fat girls who think they are awesome and worthy of more than a grope from some drunk bro in a bar than fat girls who hate themselves and will give it away to the first person who offers.

All these myths play into the ultimate myth that all fat girls hate themselves because they’re fat. That all fat girls hate being fat, and would do anything to change it. Guess what? Many fat girls like being fat. We like the way we look and the way we feel. We like it when our partners tell us they like how soft and squishy we are, and we like it when our partners comment on how confident and sexy we are.

Sexy and fat aren’t mutually exclusive, and myths about fat girls and sex do as much a disservice to the fat girls they refer to as they do to the guys perpetuating the myths. Are you really that insecure in yourself that you feel the need to “take pity” on a fat girl?

I don’t need or want your pity. I’d much rather have a partner who is totally into fucking me because he likes the way I look, the way I feel and how smart and confident I am. And I’d bet my overdrawn bank account that I am not the only fat girl who feels this way, and who has lots of fun, sharing, consensual, enjoyable sex because of it.


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