Fat shame from Fairfax Media

An article appeared yesterday on the Fairfax Media news sites TheAge.com and SydneyMorningHerald.com, regarding whether or not overweight women should wear two piece swimsuits at the beach.

Author Natasha Hughes writes:

Is this a good thing? Should overweight Australian women let it all hang out like their Canadian sisters? (Plenty seem to so I shudder to think what it’s like in Vancouver). I know there’s going to be two schools of thought on this but I’m with the Fat Should be Camouflaged College. Who wants to be exposed to someone’s rolls? Where is their sense of style, of decency?

Well, I am not sure, Natasha. Where is YOUR sense of style or decency? Writing an article for the national media chiding fat women for wearing bikinis doesn’t exactly smack of style, or decency. I am sorry we can’t all be as skinny or beautiful as you seem to think you are, but I don’t think that precludes a woman from wearing whatever pleases her while she’s soaking up the sun at one of our nation’s fine beaches.

Not to mention, Miss Hughes, that you write as if you are speaking exclusively to an audience of skinny, fit, hardbodied people – without a single thought that perhaps the very fat chicks you so detest may be reading the article.

If you don’t like it, as the saying goes, don’t look at it. Plenty of overweight old men get around on the beach wearing tiny Speedo budgie smugglers, but you’re not addressing that. Men, it would seem, can wear whatever they want, but women must cover up their soft bellies and large thighs against the almighty judgement of Natasha Hughes.

Is it the beholder who has got the problem?

Jeez, you think?!


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