What I Missed – 24th June to 8th July

Sex therapist and clinical psychologist Bettina Arndt takes us back to the 1940’s as she suggests that women in defacto relationships are wasting precious breeding time, and that Julia Gillard, our nation’s most senior unmarried, childless woman may inspire other young women to live in defacto relationships and miss out on having children. Despite, of course, the fact that Ms Gillard does not currently live with her partner.

There is not much more that I can say about the article that the internet hasn’t already said, so I will leave it to Catherine Deveny to reply to Arndt’s frankly puritanical article here. Twitter hashtag #wastingpreciousbreedingtime has proven a tongue in cheek response to the article.

Facebook have clamped down on nudity, removing pictures of a naked porcelain doll from the fan page of Sydney-based jewellery designer Victoria Buckley. When Buckley set up a protest group against this decision, also on Facebook, it was shut down too.

New South Wales Greens have called for the decriminalistion of abortion in that state as a national poll of some 800 Australians over 18 confirms that 61% of respondents believe abortion should be lawful without question in the first trimester, and that 26% believed it should be lawful with good reason.

New PM Julia Gillard stands behind Labour’s Internet filter, saying that the proposed filter is an effort to control the “dark side” of telecommunications technology. Quick, somebody register www.thedarksideoftheinternet.com.au!

Oh, and we are currently up to Day 79 of the Gulf Of Mexico oil crisis, with still no end in sight.


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